Rhassoul Clay Powder

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perfume with plants and essential oils,Moroccan Lava Clay,Cosmetic Grade – Face Mask – Natural <100g>



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Clay Powder perfume with plants and essential oils
The quality of Rasil Spa mud from ancient sediments discovered from the fertile Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This mineral-rich clay blends well with water, making its application on the face and skin a smooth and exhilarating experience. This clay has been used for more than 1,400 years as a shampoo, shampoo and conditioner for the skin, and the best health resorts around the world are currently used for its therapeutic benefits.

This clay is extracted from the depths of the Atlas Mountains in eastern Morocco. It’s sun dried
And untreated. When mining for the first time, the messenger’s clay appears as a polished brown clay, similar to soap, and is dense with appearance and resembles rocks. After further refinement and micronization, the final product is smooth smooth semi-smooth soil.

Because Rhassoul can be used in a variety of professional applications, it is invaluable
Improvement of spa treatments and personal use. The Prophet is also considered to have a higher ratio
The percentages of silica and magnesium from other clay are thought to be much more effective. Also, due to its great ability to bulge with the addition of water, Messenger achieves better results in skin treatment.

size : 100g 

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